David Gold and Victor Zonana created Global Health Strategies in 2002. In founding GHS, they drew upon their individual experiences in HIV activism, media, industry and government. The result was a company that leveraged communications and advocacy to help organizations bring comprehensive change to international health and development.

In the years since, GHS has grown from a New York-based company serving clients based in the United States and Europe to a global network with a focus on emerging markets. This issue expertise has expanded beyond its initial grounding in infectious diseases to include a wide variety of health and development challenges, ranging from research and development to climate change to family planning services. We now have offices in the US, Brazil, India, China, Africa and Europe. GHS has expanded its client base to include philanthropies, industry, multinational organizations, NGOs and governments. The result is a collection of fully integrated offices working to address the most pressing issues of the 21st century.

At the heart of GHS’s work is the vision of a world where everyone, no matter where they live, has the chance to live a healthy life. We are helping to achieve this goal by working with clients to promote research and development for urgently needed medicines, advocate for services on behalf of at-risk populations, and strengthen the most vulnerable health systems so that they can stand resilient in the face of modern threats. The world has made remarkable progress on all of these fronts in recent decades, giving us hope, resolve and ambition to do even better in the future.